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Neoride MTB freecoaster hub, the new generation Freestyle Mountain Bike hub.
Like many top Slopestyle athletes, upgrade your bike, and broaden your riding horizons.
Thanks to its Freecoaster system, this hub allows you to ride backwards without having your crank turning. Add countless new tricks to your riding, and maximize fun!

The Neoride MTB Freecoaster is specially designed for MTB, with a disc brake mount, female axle, 32 holes, lightweight, and the possibility to choose between:
- a one piece driver with 10t (for most BMX style cranks)
- a two pieces driver with a 14t sprocket (for most MTB style cranks. You can replace the sprocket for a 12t to 16t one).
The Neoride MTB freecoaster hub uses the pawl & spring mechanism, making it light and reliable.
It comes with a 90° slack angle, the best compromise for most riders, but you can change it for a 55° or a 35° slack angle by getting and installing a SLACK ADAPTOR.


Size: 135x10mm
Holes: 32H
Weight: 505g (10t) / 560g (14t)
Axle: Chromoly female axle with Chromoly bolts
Slack ("gap"): 90°, the best compromise for any situation - Adjust slack to 55° or 35° by getting the SLACK ADAPTORS

Bearings: 4 precision sealed bearings
Driver: One piece (10t) or Two pieces (comes with a 14t sprocket)


You can check our RESOURCES, to learn more about:
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